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“One Town Ten Pilot Villages” Makes Characteristic Pastoral Countryside More Charming

On December 21st, the city's Urban and Rural Construction Bureau held a press conference to inform the relevant information of Yangzhou characteristics pastoral countryside construction.

The planning of 10 municipal pilot villages was completed.

According to the introduction, in order to promote the pilot work of the characteristic pastoral villages at the municipal level, on September 9th, the topic of the executive meeting of the municipal government carried out the research. The municipal party committee and the municipal government issued the " Action Plan of Yangzhou Characteristic pastoral villages Construction". According to the pilot requirements of “One Town Ten Pilot Villages” at the municipal level, Yuetang town in Yizheng takes Sizhuang Village, the provincial pilot village, as the core. It also identifies 4 municipal pilot villages along the provincial highway 353 and 333 and gradually promotes the pilot construction of the whole town. On the basis of the 19 municipal characteristic pastoral villages declared by counties (cities and districts), the relevant municipal departments and relevant experts made a joint research team and investigated them one by one. Finally, 10 municipal pilot villages were identified.

Promote the "111 Action Plan" in all directions

The pilot villages in these provinces and cities include hills, plains, water towns, etc., which include red culture, fishery culture and traditional culture, and have more scale agriculture, aquaculture, seedling planting, sightseeing and leisure, home care and other industries. To this end, the city in particular launched the "111 Action Plan" to support.

111 Action Plan means one town, ten pilot villages and one hundred million, the municipal finance and various counties and districts jointly raise 100 million to promote the construction of characteristic rural villages. In addition to funds, Yangzhou also through the land supply, cooperative development and other supportive measures, comprehensively promote the construction of characteristic rural villages.  

    One Town Ten Pilot Villages

One Town: Yuetang Town, Yizheng City as a unit to carry out pilot projects, among them, Sizhuang group, Dongdui group of Sizhuang village have been identified as the provincial pilot; Wangzhuang group of Zhengying village, Douxiang group of Yinshan village, Tongxin group of Dongfeng village, Baoying group of Daying village have been identified as municipal pilot. 

The specific list of Ten Pilot Villages includes, Tuanzhuang group, Tuanzhuang village, Liubao town, Baoying, Tongxin group, Xiaji town; Qingzhen group, Qingzhen village, Lingtang, Gaoyou, Qinjiaduo group, Shaoyou village, Sanduo town; Touwang group, Changshan village, Tongshan country, Yizhen, Fangying group, Fangying village, Maji town; Shaqiao group, Gaoyang village, Wuqiao town, Jiangdu, Nanjiang group, Xinyi group, Zhaoqiao group of Huanghua village, Dinggou town; Zhongpian group, Yanhu village, Fanghang town, Hanjiang district; Lianghe group, Zhongxin group. Xinzhuang group, Yanqiao group, Xiaoyingjiang group of Jiusheng village, Touqiao town, Guangling district.