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Yangzhou Eyas Children’s Development Centre Has Basically Completed

The construction of Yangzhou Eyas Children’s Development Centre is people's livelihood project of the municipal Party Committee and the municipal government in 2017 and is also one of the specific initiatives to create a healthy China Yangzhou sample. The centre is the first and the only comprehensive institution for the rehabilitation, development and training of autistic children. On December 24th learned from the city CDPF, after the pre construction, Yangzhou Eyas Children’s Development Centre which is located in Zongyi Road, Zhou Lane, Yangmiao Town, Hanjiang District, was officially built. 4000 children with autism will have their own home.

Yangzhou Eyas Children’s Development Centre has four floors to carry out targeted rehabilitation training and teaching according to the age of rehabilitation patients.

The first floor is for early intervention of 0-3 year old autistic children. There is suspension system to carry out sensory integration training. There is individual training for children of different situations. There is also music room and RDI sightseeing course.

The second floor is rehabilitation training for children from 4 to 6 years old. There are sensory integration training system, living experience center, multi-sensation classrooms, multimedia classrooms, toys, the drawing room and son on.

The third floor is the classroom of consolidation of rehabilitation for children from 7 to 14 years old. While consolidating and rehabilitation training, they also carry out teaching for children through multimedia classrooms, there are also computer training and art training, to enable these special children, from special education to ordinary primary school.

The fourth floor is office space, autism research center and employment development center. Each floor is equipped with physiotherapy rooms, carry out rehabilitation training for children.

The center also introduces advanced concepts and methods to ensure that children in Yangzhou can get the best training. The ratio of teachers and students is 1:3, among them, special-education teachers, early childhood education teachers, psychological professional therapists account for 80%, there are 3 provincial trainers, also equipped with career instructors, and compiled a complete set of characteristic teaching materials of Eyas for children's education, parents training and career guidance. At the same time, cooperated with the city Maternity and Child Health Hospital, the provincial brain hospital and other authorities, set up excellent class with United States, and established research center with Australia.