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31 Municipal Government’s Normative Documents were Abolished

In the afternoon of 12th, the municipal government held a press conference about clean-up work of normative documents and released the city’s normative documents clean-up situation.

The meeting revealed that a total of 145 municipal government’s normative documents were fully cleaned up, including 117 of the reserved and modified catalogs after cleaning up work in 2013 and 28 issued during the end of 2013 to the end of 2016. Legislative Affairs Office of Municipal Government audited each normative document, and made a decision to abolish five forms; for those individual terms inconsistent with current laws, regulations, rules and national policies, but basically meet the needs of social economic development, and it is necessary to continue implementing those items, when normative document is inconsistent with the same matter, the office made a decision of amendment. At the sixth executive meeting of the municipal government, it was confirmed that 67 documents were retained, 47 documents were amended and 31 documents were abolished.

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