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Activity of “Yangzhou in Taiwan Merchants' Eyes” in Yizheng was Hosted Yesterday

On 10th July, representatives of Taiwan merchants visited Yangzhou Elec&Eltek Electronics Ltd., Phlips Lighting Industry Ltd.(China), Binjiang District for Investment, Caoshan Comprehensive Trade Zone, “Two parks” Project and Tongshan Sporty Healthy Town Project. They lavished praise for the new transformation, new vigour and new development of Yangzhou economy.

Yizheng is the first port of “Yangzhou in Taiwan Merchants' Eyes”. Next, a series of activities of “Taiwan and Mainland are family members——the 30th anniversary of Yangzhou-Taiwan communication and cooperation” will be hosted in each county(city, district) one after another.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the exchange and cooperation between Yangzhou and Taiwan, as one of the activities, on 10th, the Taiwan affairs office of Yangzhou and Yangzhou Association of Taiwan jointly held the Yizheng activity of “Taiwan in Merchants’ Eyes”. Eight Taiwan businessmen gathered in Yizheng, saw the new development of the region, found new opportunities for cooperation, and would further promote the exchange and cooperation between Yangzhou and Taiwan.

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