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Yangzhou Puppet Will Show up in the National Grand Theatre

On 16th and 17th July, with the invitation of the National Grand Theatre, the puppet art troupe of Jiangsu Province (Yangzhou Puppet Institute) will show up on the stage of the National Grand Theatre. The well-prepared big puppet show “Chang E Flying to the Moon” will be performed.

Large puppet show “Chang E Flying to the Moon” use Chinese traditional fairy tale as a blueprint, traditional intangible cultural heritage of Yangzhou hand-puppet with modern advanced technology and other elements, making the old fairy tale more wonderful and show the new vitality of traditional intangible cultural heritage while spreading the traditional art charm.

Since the puppet show came out, it has been improved in various aspects, such as script writing and music. It also tends to be maturer in the process of the national tour. The show was once selected into the project supported by the National Art Foundation as well as the first Yangzhou Municipal Government Award for Arts (Drama Arts). The show also won the Best Repertory Award in the fourth National Shadow Puppet Show of the Gold Lion Award, the Honorable Mention in 2016 Chinese Traditional Shadow Puppet Art Festival, the Best Repertory Award, the Collective Performance Award and the Costume Design Award in the second Nanchong International Puppet Art Week.

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