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the Comprehensive Economic Competitiveness of Yangzhou Ranked No. 41 Last Year

June 21, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released the “China Urban Competitiveness Report of 2017” (hereinafter referred to as “the report”), this is the 15th annual report of urban competitiveness research group of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

According to the report, the comprehensive economic competitiveness of Yangzhou ranked No. 41 in 2016. It ranked 45th in 2012, ranked 44th in 2013, ranked 41th in 2014, remain 41th in 2015. In the new normal context of national economic slowdown, the comprehensive economic competitiveness of Chinese cities have entered the adjustment period, the overall level dropped slightly. The competitiveness of Yangzhou hold the line for three years, indicating that the economy of Yangzhou achieved steady growth. 23th, the main member of research group of China Urban Competitiveness Report, Shen Li said in the interview.

According to the report evaluation, the outstanding performance of Yangzhou in the individual indicators: in terms of livable competitiveness, harmonious social environment of Yangzhou ranked 27th, high-quality education environment ranked 46th; in terms of sustainable competitiveness, knowledge city competitiveness ranked No. 30 around the country, cultural city competitiveness ranked No. 46, the global competitiveness that measure the urban-rural integration ranked No. 57 and so on.

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