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Yangzhou Eight Subsidies Encourage Entrepreneurship

1. Initial entrepreneurship subsidy. For the initial entrepreneurs with “employment business card”, who are qualified through entrepreneurship training and has received business license within one year, pays the social insurance premium, and the business operates normally over 6 months will get one-time subsidy of 5,000 yuan, for the entrepreneur's rent, water and electricity, network and other daily expenses.

2. Promoting employment subsidy. For individual business of initial entrepreneurship, medium and small businesses of employment-absorbing, once they signes more than one year labor contract with workers and pays for 6 months of social insurance will get subsidy of 2000 yuan when absorb one person.

3. Entrepreneurship program subsidy. For outstanding entrepreneurship programs that confirmed by entrepreneurial experts of the city, according to the actual quantity, give the project holder a one-time subsidy of 5000 yuan/per. The first, second and third prize that selected by entrepreneurship competition, the project subsidies are 50,000 yuan, 20,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan.

4. Business incubation subsidy. For the incubation base that newly built or rebuilt by the city, district, street (township), community (village), identified as the municipal incubator base after assessed, linked with the number of laid-off workers, can receive a one-time subsidy, the maximum subsidy of new base should not more than 300,000 yuan, the maximum subsidy of rebuilt base should not more than 150,000 yuan. The entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurship incubation base can enjoy the business support policies, the base implement dynamic management mechanism.

5. Support business subsidy. Carry out grass public entrepreneurship service platform of track service for successful entrepreneurs within 12 months after the business training, give a subsidy of 200 yuan after serving a person.

6. Entrepreneurship secured loan. All kinds of urban and rural workers and college students can apply for business loans after obtaining valid document, the maximum amount of the bank will not less than 300,000 yuan. Business venture secured loans, in accordance with the actual number of personnel, each person doesn’t exceed 120,000 yuan, the maximum not more than 3 million yuan.

7. Subsidy for venture stars. Publicity after the declaration of counties (cities, districts), the evaluation of experts, select a number of venture stars, offer one-time 30 to 50 thousand yuan, create good atmosphere of encouraging entrepreneurship throughout society.

8. Other subsidy for entrepreneurship. Initiating service institution spend on strengthening teachers, team of experts, policy advocacy, holding venture contest, entrepreneurial road show, entrepreneurial salon, venture forum and other activities.

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