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Huaiyang Food Week was Held in Hong Kong

Take food and nostalgia as the linkage, show Huaiyang cuisine and Yangzhou intangible cultural heritage to the general public in Hong Kong. 7th, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Hongkong’s return to the motherland, the opening ceremony of Huaiyang Food Week organized by Jiangsu Chinese Overseas Friendship Association, Yangzhou Overseas Association and Federation of Hong Kong Jiangsu Community Organizations, Jiangsu Tourism Association was held in “Jiangsu Hui” of Hong Kong and started the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Hongkong’s return to the motherland. Zhang Xiaoming, Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People 's Government in Hong Kong attended the opening ceremony, Provincial Standing Committee, Director of United Front Work Department, Director of Propaganda Department, Provincial Overseas Friendship Association Wang Yanwen attended the event and addressed. The opening ceremony was hosted by deputy secretary of the municipal party committee, Director of United Front Work Department Zhang Baojuan.

On the evening of the 8th, Yangzhou held fellowship activity in “Jiangsu Hui” of Hongkong to celebrated the return of Hongkong and talked about the development with fellow villagers.

Zhang Baojuan, on behalf of the Municipal Party Committee, City Government and 4 million and 600 thousand Yangzhou people, warmly welcomed the guests and briefly introduced the economic and social development in Yangzhou. She said, "Red Mansions Banquet" is a famous banquet created on the basis of the dishes from "A Dream of Red Mansions", which is the innovation classics of Huaiyang cuisine. We brought "Red Mansions Banquet" to Hongkong and let everyone enjoy the delicacy and cultural feast, integrating Yangzhou elements in the festive atmosphere of celebrating the reunification of Hongkong, increasing the taste of Yangzhou and letting more Hongkong friends know about Yangzhou and apperceive Yangzhou. She hopeed that people in Hongkong Can continue to uphold the patriotic love of hometown tradition, remember their original intention, walk hand in hand, deepen the cooperation and exchange between Yangzhou and Hongkong, maintain long-term prosperity and stability of Hongkong, and contribute to the development of their hometown.

The event also arranged wonderful Yangzhou non-heritage cultural performances. Yangzhou paper-cut, Yangzhou woodblock printing technique, Yangzhou embroidery and other heritage demonstration were eye-opening. Yangzhou Qingqu, Yangzhou Tanci, Yangzhou Pinghua, Yangzhou folk songs, puppetry, guzheng and other performances with local customs made people full of praise.

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