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Small and Micro Enterprises "Two Innovation" Service Hall Opened

In 15th, our city's small and micro enterprises "Two Innovation" service hall opened at Yangzhou Wisdom Valley. At the same time, "1+N" public service network has also been built and goes into service.

Building small and micro enterprises "Two Innovation" service hall is to further promote the "Two Innovation" demonstration implementation plan and the plan of action for three years of our city. It was built in accordance with the "Online to Offline" (O2O) model and was built using Jiangsu four star public service platform-Yangzhou Service Center for the Development of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises-as the main part. It is also an important place providing public services for our city's small and micro enterprises "Two Innovation" . Service hall integrates a number of high-quality service resources of our city, and set up professional service seats, providing policy guidance, business counseling, financing loans, management consulting, credit inquiries and other service for enterprises. Service hall focuses on hot issues concerned by small and micro enterprises, the organizing service agencies regularly organize training for public welfare, fiscal and taxation policies, management improvement, safety production, e-commerce, technological innovation and other service activities. It also bear the operation and maintenance of “1+N” Service Network of small and micro enterprises and mobile APP and WeChat which ensure that the policy and service information will be delivered to the enterprise timely.

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