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China Stand-up Paddling Golden League Will be Held in Jieshou in September

On 23th, Gaoyou municipal government held a press conference and declared that the 2017 China Stand-up Paddling Golden League (Gaoyou station) will be held from September 16th to 17th at Gaoyou Lake Wetland Park in Jieshou town.

The paddle sport is a water sport risen in the recent years and is the progression item of surfing which was introduced into china in 2009. With the inclusion of surfing in the Tokyo Olympic Games, the paddle sport developed rapidly and has become a new sport combining exercise and fitness.

The program director of water sports center of General Administration of Sport, program director of Chinese Extreme Sports Association Hu Haiping said, China Stand-up Paddling Golden League is the great competition of stand-up paddling in China. The competition in Gaoyou will last for 2 days and will hold warm-up match of Men and Women Single 500 meters, 600 meters race, 1 km around race, 6 km race of around the lake. In addition, in combination with the cultural and geographical characteristics of Gaoyou, there will be some extreme shows, water sports and other related activities during the event.

The requirements of the Stand-up Paddling Golden League are not particularly high for the players, as long as they are 14-55 years old, and are familiar with water, they can swim 200 meters with life jackets. Hu Haiping said that the top 16 players of this competition will receive bonuses.

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