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Ten “Pocket Parks” Will be Opened on the End of Next Month

It is said that by the end of next year, the city plans to boost the construction of 50 pocket parks in the old city area, mainly concentrated in Wenhe Street and Dongguan Street. According to the scheduled construction plan of Guangling District, there will be 36 parks completed and opened in 2017 and 14 parks completed and opened before the opening of 2018 Provincial Games. According to the construction sequence, there were 4 parks completed and opened on April 16th, 8 parks completed and opened at the end of June, 10 parks completed and opened at the end of September and 14 parks completed and opened at the end of December.

Ten “pocket parks” would be opened at the end of September, covering an area of around 2,300 square meters, they are mainly located in the cultural monuments, historical rivers, streets, ancestral halls and mansions. The features of pocket parks are with small size and without specific area requirements. Considering the uniform and delicate urban texture of old city, the area of the pocket park of Yangzhou city is about 50 to 400 square meters, no more than 1000 square meters, 300 square meters is the most appropriate, with the necessary facilities, including chairs, playing field, sports field and so on, providing leisure space.

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