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Yangzhou Lacquerware Recruits Apprentices Nationwide

“Yangzhou Lacquerware painting technique creative talent training” won the 2017 art talents training fund of National Endowment for the Arts this year. Recently, the project has officially released enrollment brochures, will recruit students nationwide. Expenditure during the training would be implemented strictly in accordance with the regulations of “management and use of funding” of National Endowment for the Arts, there is no tuition fee and the cost of accommodation, meals, study and works at the training stage are borne by the organizer. As a national-level project, they will recruit 30 students, that are mainly artists or researchers with a certain lacquer skills .

Since the enrollment brochures were officially released, up to September 15, we would base on the principle of selecting the best, audit the qualification of applicants through the experts group, as well as the assessment of performance results, professional skills, select 30 students to participate the training. To get more registration information, students can follow the official accounts of WeChat of Yangzhou Lacquerware.

The project training will last 110 days, will adopt the teaching method of off-job and face-to-face with in two stages, the first stage is the basic training of theory and lacquer arts and will last 30 days; the second stage is technical training, product creation and display arrangements, will last 80 days. They will adopt one-to-one instruction and focus on displaying products. The experts involved in the teaching including Zhang Yu, who is National intangible cultural heritage bearer of Yangzhou Lacquerware painting technique, Asia-Pacific masters, Zhang Laixi, the master of Chinese arts craft, and Zhang Rong, researcher of the National Palace Museum.

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