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Yangzhou is Expected to Add the Third River Passage

On 4th, the Transportation Construction Bureau of Provincial Department of Transportation invited experts and Yangzhou City Transportation, Development and Reform, Planning and other related departments to convene Runyang Second River Passage Construction Symposium in Yangzhou on preliminary coordination work for Runyang Second River Passage, laying the foundation for the smooth progress of the project.

At present, there is only one Runyang Yangtze River Highway Bridge for our city to cross the river. The Wufeng Shante Bridge under construction is the second river passage and is expected to be completed in 2020, bearing river crossing needs of Highspeed Railway of Lianyungang, Huai'an, Yangzhou and Zhenjiang and Beijing Shanghai Highway south extension project “dual use of highway and railway”. There will be three river passages between Yangzhou and Zhenjiang after the implementation of Runyang Second River Passage.

A few days ago, the project feasibility study of Runyang Second River Passage project called for bids officially and plans to complete the work before late October of 2018 with the approval conditions. Insiders said, this river passage will choose the bridge or tunnel to connect city main streets or expressways of Yangzhou and Zhenjiang, achieving “downtown connects downtown”, and is the key project truly realizing “Yangzhou and Zhenjiang become the same city”.

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