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The Review of Yangzhou National Forest City is Qualified

On 7th, the forestry department of our city has received a letter from the State Forestry Bureau, confirming that the State Forestry Bureau has conducted a review of the National Forest City and determined that the review result of Yangzhou National Forest City was qualified.

In recent years, the city comprehensively promotes afforestation, vigorously cultivates the forest resources, and the greening has transformed from the rural-urban dualization to integration. The city has given full play to the advantages of abundant resources in river, lake and wetland and the city pays more attention to planting tall trees and native trees. The tree species in rural areas gradually diversified and landscaped, and urban and rural greening is in the direction of integration development which shifts from focus on the afforestation to the wetland protection. A new batch of wetland park, wetland protection region and wetland have become new bright spot of forestry development. Shifting from focus on planting trees to planting trees and management. While focusing on planting trees, we promote prevention of forestry pests, forest land management, forest resources management, improving forest resource quality and forest ecological function.

The latest statistics show that up to now, there have been a total of 390,000 mu of afforestation in the city, from 2010 to 2015, the forest cover area increased from 1.822 million mu to 2.09 million mu, and the forest cover percent increased from 20.22% to 23.4%. They all have overfulfilled the target task.

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