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Yangzhou Young Actors Won Two Gold Awards

On the evening of January 10th, the award party of the eighth Jiangsu Drama Award and the Red Plum Award Competition was held at the Yangzhou Grand Theater. 6 Yangzhou Opera young actors were on the list and won two gold awards.

Compared with the past, this year’s competition had higher specification and fewer awards. In the final competition, the organizing committee invited the famous Peking Opera artist Pei Yanling and Tan Xiaozeng, famous drama artist Li Fazeng, Professor Kang Er of Nanjing University and other eight professionals to act as judges in stage performances and cultural knowledge as comprehensive evaluation. In terms of award-setting, the competition has been streamlined, the gold medal down to 2 from the original 5 to 6, silver 12, bronze 16, the total number of winner is within 30, the gold content of awards is even higher.

It is reported that a total of 12 players have signed up, 6 of them enter the finals, including 5 players are from YangJu Institute of Yangzhou, one player is from Yizheng YangJu troupe, involved in Wusheng, Xiaosheng, Hualian, Huadan, Qingyi. Outstanding performance make the new talents show up, and gain recognition of judges, 6 actors of Yangzhou were awarded. You Jiaqi and Xu Mengxue won the gold medals with Ye Ben and Tong Tian Xi. Zhao Qian won the Silver Award with Da Shen Gao Miao, Peng Kaiyi, Zhao Yue and Xu Fan won the Bronze Award with Tian Nv San Hua, Chi Meng and Hui Shi Ba.