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Famous Master Studio Won the Innovation Award of the Provincial Propaganda, Ideological and Cultural Work

       From the 12th of the provincial propaganda ministers' meeting, the Yangzhou city culture master studio project won the Innovation Award for the propaganda ideological and cultural work of the province.

In September 2016, it was led by the Yangzhou talent office. The Propaganda Department was implemented, and 25 studios of famous cultural teachers and a general working room were set up. It covers the category of art, such as Yang Opera, Pingn Hua, Qing Qu, Puppets, Folk Songs and Guqin, category of arts and crafts, such as woodblock printing, lacquer, jade and paper cutting, academic category of press and publishing, protection of ancient city and cultural relics appraisal, 85 percent of the projects are national and provincial non-heritage. Each studio has one leading expert, two or three guidance experts, and five to ten training targets; finance provide work funds of 4000 yuan per year, for 3 consecutive years. 

Famous studios through system innovation, innovation of inheritable methods and assessment methods, actively promote cultural export and intangible cultural heritage, achieve four goals of talents, quality, social benefits and heritage experience, explore a new way of cultural heritage and development. The central and provincial mainstream media, such as Guangming Daily, People's Daily Online, China News, China Newsweek and Xinhua Daily, reported the establishment of cultural master's studio in Yangzhou and experience of innovation culture.