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Five People of Yangzhou were Selected for the "10000 Talents Program"

Recently, the Central Talent Work Coordination Group Office has publicized the third batch of national "10000 Talents Program" leading talent selection list. Five people in our city were selected and the number of elected persons hit a record high.

The five people in Yangzhou that chosen in 10000 Talents Program are Zuo Weimin, chairman and general manager of Jiangsu Chuanyi Technology Co., Ltd. he was selected as leading hi-tech talent, Li Huifang, researcher of Jiangsu Institute of Poultry Sciences, Professor Liu Qiaoquan and Bao Wenbin of Yangzhou University, they were selected as leading innovative talents, Professor Li Bichun of Yangzhou University was selected as outstanding teacher.

It is understood that the national 10000 Talents Program is called special support plan for national high-level talents, the same as Thousands Talents Program. it is a national key talents program which is led by the Central Organization Department and oriented to high-level talents. The goal is to select about 10,000 outstanding and leading talents in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, philosophy and social sciences in 10 years, and give them special support. According to statistics, a total of 19 talents of 10000 Talents Program work in Yangzhou, and nine of them were declared in our city.