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6,600,000 Trees Will Be Planted and Afforestation Will Reach 50,000 Mu

In January 22nd, the city’s winter afforestation work conference issued the “opinions on 2018 the city’s greening work” that in 2018 the city’s afforestation will reach 50,000 mu, 6,600,000 trees will be planted and will add new “Sanhua” provincial demonstration village green model village 40, adding new flowers, seedlings, fruit trees in forest industry area of 6 thousand acres. the main battlefield in the ‘Two Galleries and Two Parks, Three Pieces and Three Points” to promote the city's greening work.


In 2018, the city’s afforestation will be 50 thousand acres, which plots planting 33 thousand acres (16 thousand and 500 acres of precious timber species), planting 6 million 600 thousand, of which 2 million 700 thousand strains of precious timber species, new "Sanhua" demonstration village of the provincial green model village 40, forest tending 70 thousand acres, new forestry area, flower seedlings, fruit trees and other 6 thousand acres of farmland shelterbelt construction, 100 thousand acres, the completion of the survey of the forest germplasm resources and forest land change survey.

Urban green space

In 2018, the city will add city green space of 1 million 900 thousand square meters, of which the urban built-up area of 1 million square meters of new green city, county (city) new city green space of 300 thousand square meters to enhance the existing city greening management level, promote the construction of three-dimensional green, each county (city, district) construction of 1 - 2 three-dimensional green demonstration, continue to promote the city and county (city) park system construction and build the city park "ten minute service circle. The urban built-up areas and green green coverage rate reached 43.84% and 41.64% respectively.

Keys Projects

The suggestion clarified the key projects in 2018, promote the greening work in the whole city from two corridors, two gardens and three districts and three spots.

“Two Corridors” that is, Jianghuai ecological corridor and the ecological landscape corridor along the river; “Two Parks” that is, Yizheng Zao Lin Wan Expo and the Provincial Garden Expo; “Three Districts” are the ecological center, ecological industry and demonstration district; “Three Spots” are ecological homeland, green units and park system. At the same time, make full use of idle land, actively carry out afforestation, enhance the level of the urban planting.

In terms of urban greening work, this year we will focus on the construction of the forth phase of Liaojiagou City Central Park, landscape belt, Yangzijin ecological center, Liaojiagou Wetland Park and other urban green lung, continue to improve green system of urban roads; taking the Provincial Games and Provincial Garden Expo as the time nodes, we will continue to vigorously promote the construction of ten ecological sports leisure parks, take community parks, pocket parks as the main body, build a balanced, structured and reasonable pattern of park green space, and continue to build 64 parks of various types.

Wetland Protection

Wetland is the emphasis of forestry work in our city this year, the whole city should complete the overall plan of Yangzhou Wetland Protection (2017-2030); we should organize the provincial key wetland list certification to ensure the completion of the program on time and on quality; the project should be carried out in combination of “San Tui San Huan” project of Gaoyou, Baoying, Shaobo Lake, vigorously carry out wetland restoration project, clean up the stream channel, connect the rivers, and restore more than 4000 acres of wetlands; strengthen the protection of Shaobo Lake and the Yangtze River beaches and other natural wetlands, actively carry out the construction of wetland protection areas, to ensure the protection rate of natural wetland in our city is more than 49%; we will continue to promote the construction of wetland parks and ensure the acceptance of the third parties organized by the Provincial Forestry Bureau; carry out the construction of rural wetlands, small and micro wetlands, combine the wetland protection and rural elements together, and promote the construction of rural wetland tourism.