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Nine Communities was Named "Retirement Demonstration"

Recently learned from the municipal civil affairs department, last year 19 pilot units of retirement community in Yangzhou have passed the acceptance tests. The evaluation methods of retirement community is led by the Municipal Bureau of Finance, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, organized by the third-party social organization, implement assessment through on-site viewing and surveys of the elderly. The evaluation index of retirement community is divided into four projects of “supporting facilities”, “perfect service”, “civilized and harmonious” and “organizational mechanism”, contains 40 sub-projects, a total score of 100 points, among them, the accumulative evaluation scores is above 80, which is considered as the retirement demonstration community.

In addition, according to the service needs of the elderly, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision also established a construction guideline for the retirement communities, pointed out the direction for the community construction in the future. This year, the civil affairs department will increase 21 pilot units on the basis of the existing communities, and plan to create 100 retirement communities by 2020, to enable more elderly people enjoy better pension services.

What are the Retirement Demonstration communities?

Sanliqiao Community, Hehuachi Community, Hongqiao Community, Cuigang Garden Community, Meiyuan Community, Bianyimen Community, Taian Community, Yuwanggong Community and Nanwu Community.