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Slender West Lake Art Museum Will Be Officially Opened in 10 Days

After nearly a year of careful construction and preparation, the Slender West Lake Gallery officially opened on February 10th. The Slender West Lake Gallery is located in the core area of Twenty-four Bridges, covering an area of about 1.5 acres, the scenic imaginative, pioneered the garden art and Yangzhou bonsai art into the architectural connotation, so that the visitors experience the unique aesthetic charm of “visiting the famous painting in the famous garden and rewarding the famous garden in the famous painting” during the visit. 

In order to enable the gallery to carry out the important mission of serving tourists, conveying art and spreading culture, the Slender West Lake Gallery sorted out some of the sketching works of the famous Ukrainian painting masters, more than 40 oil painting were selected, held the “Beautiful Slender West Lake - Oil Painting Exhibition of Ukrainian Master” as the opening exhibition. Vasily Gullin, member of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Andre Jaranski, the vice president of Ukraine Central Academy and other eleven Ukrainian masters engraved the Slender West Lake on the canvas, present a visual feast for the visitors.