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12 Projects of Rural Revitalization Project in Jiangdu-Guangling Integrated Area  Has Attracted Nearly 100 Businessmen

Recently, Biodiverse and Sci-Tech City held a seminar on Rural Revitalization in the Deep Dive Grand Canal Center. It has organized and introduced 5 large areas and 12 intentional projects of the Rural Revitalization Project in Jiangdu-Guangling Integrated Area which has attracted nearly 100 businessmen.

Since March 2018, Biodiverse and Sci-Tech City has made a detailed comb of the projects in Jiangdu-Guangling Integrated Area, mainly involving five areas, such as Fenghuang Mountain and Zizai Island tourism, 7.8 km slow road, ecological agriculture leisure experience of Mangdao, ecological agriculture in the southern polder area, the core of the City, combing out 12 intentional projects coming from all over the country, such as tea culture experience garden, tea bar in the pigsty, home stay, RV park, Qifang farm stay, hot spring residence, fisherman's family tourism, science popularization amusement of four integrated gardens, hot spring spa that can accommodate tens of thousands of people, countryside complex of Magdao, Yangtze River and Yellow River Eco-Agricultural Park and Star Hotel of Business High-speed Railway Station in Business District.

In terms of home stay, Biodiverse and Sci-Tech City will take the construction of Huafeng Folk Village as a breakthrough point to dig deep in rural potential resources, improve supporting service facilities and make full efforts to promote the development of home stay industry through the integration of existing residential resources. RV park project located in the Fenghuang River covers an area of about 100 mu and plans to use abandoned wasteland as well as plant. The high quality ecological resources along the bank create a cluster of RV park and home stay and form a cluster effect with the projects of Jiku Rustic Luxury Hotel, Huafeng Home Stay Village and so on.

In addition to the integration of the original regional resources, many of the proposed projects have increased the interaction of rural tourism. For example, Yangtze River and Yellow River Eco-Agricultural Park project located in the south of Hangzhou intends to build a green park integrated organic agriculture demonstration park, agricultural sightseeing tourism, regional cultural experience, ecological catering, leisure and vacation, with a total area of about 1100 mu.