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Xia Xinmin: Deepen Cooperation and Investment in Yangzhou to Create A Famous City of Science and Technology, Innovation, Culture and Tourism

On August 12th, Acting Mayor Xia Xinmin met with a delegation of entrepreneurs from Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province (Shenzhen) who came to Yangzhou for a visit. Xia Xinmin briefed the guests on the economic and social development of Yangzhou and looked forward to the delegation's visit in Yangzhou to enhance their understanding of Yangzhou and look for investment opportunities. You Zaijing, Secretary General of the municipal government, attended the event.

Xia Xinmin briefly introduced the economic, social and cultural development of Yangzhou. According to the industrial characteristics of the entrepreneurs engaged in, the development of science and technology innovation industry, tourism and cultural industry, producer services and other industries were mainly introduced. He said that Yangzhou has a deep cultural foundation, a strong industrial base, good location, convenient transportation, green ecology, suitable for human settlement, innovation and opening up and full of vitality. At present, Yangzhou is actively practicing the new development concept in accordance with the “six high-quality” development requirements, focusing on creating a beautiful and livable park city, international cultural tourism city and a new science and technology city, hoping that the Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province (Shenzhen) can play a role as a link to drive more Suzhou businessmen, seize opportunities and deepen the industry cooperation in Yangzhou and achieving complementary advantages and win-win development.

Zhou Wei, chairman of Jiangsu Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province (Shenzhen), on behalf of the delegation, thanked Yangzhou for the arrangement of the delegation's trip. He said that during the period of staying in Yangzhou, he would visit Yangzhou parks and enterprises, increasing his understanding of Yangzhou, giving full play to the industrial advantages of more than 20 entrepreneurs on this trip and looking for suitable opportunities for investment and development.


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