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Xie Zhengyi: Emancipate the Mind and Form a Resultant Force to Promote Enterprises to Become Bigger and Stronger

On the afternoon of August 20th, Xie Zhengyi, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, chaired a bimonthly Seminar on investigation and research of the top 100 key enterprises (the largest group) at the municipal level. He stressed that key enterprises above designated size are the backbone of Yangzhou’s high quality economic development. Local departments should further emancipate their minds, regulate rules and regulations, form joint efforts and accurate services, promote enterprises to become bigger and stronger and promote the high-quality development of the city's economy. City leaders, Chen Yang, Chen Kaihong, Wang Bingsong and so on attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the Municipal Commission of Economy and Information reported the handling of related problems on the top 100 key enterprises (the largest group) at the municipal level. The leaders of the top 20 key enterprises, such as YAPP, made exchanges and speeches and reflected the current problems, development demands and suggestions faced by the enterprises. The heads of the relevant departments answered the questions one by one.

Xie Zhengyi fully affirmed the implementation of “Document No. 2” and the development of key enterprises in the city. He said that the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government attached great importance to optimizing the development environment of enterprises and issued “Document No. 2” for five consecutive years, focusing on solving outstanding problems for the development of enterprises. Since this year, the municipal key enterprises have been classified and given precise services to speed up the development of enterprises. As the backbone of the city’s high-quality economic development, key enterprises above the scale have made important contributions to the city’s economic and social development. Next step, the top 100 key enterprises represented by Shanghai Volkswagen, AVIC Baosheng, YAPP, etc. should aim at the highest standards of the whole province and even the whole country and do everything possible to promote themselves to accelerate and become bigger and stronger.

Xie Zhengyi pointed out that the key enterprises in the city should pay attention to politics, overall situation, law-abiding discipline and responsibilities. We should pay close attention to the study of central economic policies, strictly implement the state regulations on safety and environmental protection, further increase market share, increase our own share in the group companies and increase the contribution rate to the economic development of Yangzhou. We should try our best to improve our capability of independent innovation and enhance the quality of development. We should focus on long-term development, strengthen equipment renovation, promote enterprise transformation and upgrading by means of intelligence and informatization, accelerate the construction of enterprise research and development center and laboratory, contribute to building a new famous city of science and technology in Yangzhou, study and actively participate in local vocational education and build good enterprises and be the bridge of vocational education.

Xie Zhengyi demands that all departments in various localities should further emancipate their minds and regulate regulations in the service of enterprises and form a strong joint force to promote high-quality economic development. We should improve the functions of urban infrastructure and create a better social environment for the development of enterprises, strengthen the study of the common problems of environmental protection, finance and employment and strive to solve the practical problems in the development of enterprises, deepen the reform of “delegate power, strengthen regulation, optimize services”, further enhance the ability and level of enterprises’ service and promote enterprises to accelerate and become bigger and stronger.