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Yangzhou Has Carried out Hierarchical Management of Open Parks

In order to further improve the management level of standardization, refinement and differentiation in the construction of  the system of Yangzhou Parks, inherit excellent culture, improve service quality and promote the sustainable development of open parks, the Municipal Garden Administration Bureau has formulated and promulgated the Classified and Graded Management Standards for Yangzhou Open Parks (hereinafter referred to as “Standards”). According to the Standards, all kinds of parks are divided into first-class, second-class and third-class according to the factors of landscape environmental quality, facilities construction status, science and education culture display, management level and so on. The Standards also set up pluses of mass satisfaction evaluation and “one ticket veto” content, such as major safety accidents, illegal setting of amusement machines and so on.

“The grading assessment score table of parks” is very detailed.

The Standards specifies a detailed “grading assessment score table of parks”. For example, in the evaluation of the quality of the parks, the protection of cultural relics requires buildings, stone carvings, stone tablets and other cultural relics in the parks with protection value to have complete protection measures. If those relics need to be moved, built, or dismantled, this should be approved by the relevant departments. The green land rate should be more than 65%.

In the evaluation of the publicity and exhibition of science and education culture, the “plant nameplate” requires that the main tourist areas and plants with characteristics should have plant nameplates, both in Chinese and Latin.  The signs should be complete and the language should be standardized and accurate. The cultural activities should have large numbers and types and tourists should actively participated.

In the evaluation of green land conservation and the protection of ancient famous trees, it is required that “plants grow normally and in good condition. Strictly implement the Measures for Conservation and Management of Follow-up Resources of Ancient Famous Trees in Yangzhou. File and erect protection nameplates for ancient famous trees as the key points of conservation and management.”

The sanitary assessment of gardens has stipulated the following aspects in detail  : “defining responsibilities”, “road floors”, “toilets”, “water”, “garbage cans”, “construction sites”, “afforestation”, “facilities”, “control of the four pests” and so on, such as the “control of the four pests” which requires to “set up and maintain poison bait rooms, fly traps, anti-mosquito lamps and maintain vector density within the national standard.”

In the evaluation of supporting facilities, detailed provisions have been made on the “level of facilities allocation”, “sports fitness facilities”, “recreational facilities” and so on, such as “recreational facilities” which requires to “set up free children’s recreational facilities, check and maintain in accordance with the provisions and safe operation”. “Sports fitness facilities” requires “fitness equipments, trails and so on.”

In the evaluation of safety assessment, “safety precautions”, “dangerous goods installation”, “public order”, “safety plans” and other detailed provisions, such as “public order” item which requires none of these phenomenon, such as “public gambling in the park, undocumented business, hindering others in the park and other phenomenon. It can effectively control noise pollution. Conditional parks should extend summer visiting time.”

In the evaluation of park management, detailed provisions have been made on “land use conversion”, “standardized operation” and so on.

The occurrence of major safety accidents and others will be vetoed.

Reporters saw that the grading assessment score table of parks also set up additional pluses, such as the city award that parks won in ecological environment protection and improvement, park tourists accounting more than 50% the largest carrying capacity of the proportion, the satisfaction rate of the masses which is higher than 90%. All of these can be added additional points.

The grading assessment score table of parks also set up a “one ticket veto”, such as a major safety accident occurred in the park, unauthorized adjustment of the park layout (including the setting of recreation machines, etc.), violations of green land occupation, illegal construction and other illegal acts as well as destroying ancient and famous trees ancient trees follow-up resources. All of these will be “one ticket veto”.

It is learnt that the daily comprehensive assessment, grade parks review and evaluation work carry out every two years. In accordance with the principle of combining routine inspection with grade assessment, dynamic assessment is carried out. Determine grades for parks that have been upgraded or newly registered every two years. Sample the parks that have been graded every year.