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Yangzhou Will Establish 10 Popular Science Propaganda Bases for Food and Drug within This Year


On September 8th, the reporter learned from the Municipal Food and Drug Administration, the construction program of our city's food and drug safety popular science propaganda demonstration base was officially launched. This year, our city will complete the construction of 10 food and drug safety popular science propaganda demonstration bases. Through popular science propaganda, more people will understand the scientific knowledge of food and drug safety and learn to identify authenticity.

According to the program, the popular science propaganda demonstration bases can choose food, medicine, cosmetics, medical equipment and other production and operation units, inspection and testing or consulting service agencies and other units, venues and places that are enthusiastic about popular science propaganda of food and drug safety as construction carriers. Before the end of this year, 10 bases will be built in the city and distributed all of the city.

The site of the bases should have fixed visiting places or workshop accesses and the area should meet the scale of no less than 50 people once when visiting and studying. There are basic popular science propaganda facilities and propaganda materials for food and drug and popular science propaganda exhibits with demonstrations and experiences are encouraged. At the same time, there are popular science propaganda part-time staff of food and drug safety who are responsible for interpretation and guidance services.

According to social focus and public needs, the bases will carry out more than one thematic brand popular science propaganda activities, such as health lectures, open workshops and so on. The propaganda of the knowledge of food and drug safety as well as food and drug laws and regulations will also be carried out, targeting at food and drug hot issues, network rumours and so on.

The bases will be open to the public free of charge according to public needs and their own work arrangements. The number of open days will be at least one day per month and the number of receptions will be more than 1,000 throughout the year. The national food safety propaganda week and safety drug propaganda month will also be open to the public. At the same time, popular science propaganda education online and offline activities will be carried out though the Internet, mobile phones and other new media.