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The Supervision Work Conference of World Canal Cities Forum was Held

On the morning of October 8th, our city held the 2018 Supervision Work Conference of World Canal Cities Forum. Zhu Minyang, Chairman of the Municipal Consultative Conference and WCCO, Chen Kaihong, Member of the Municipal Standing Committee and Secretary-General, Jiang Long, Member of the Municipal Standing Committee and Propaganda Minister, Ding Yi and Yu Ting, Deputy Mayors,  Cheng Jilin, Vice-Chairman of the Municipal Consultative Conference, You Zaijing, Secretary-General of the Municipal Government and so on attended the conference.

The 2018 World Canal Cities Forum is scheduled to be held in Yangzhou from October 11st to 13rd. The main forum will be held on the morning of October 12nd with the theme of “Cultural Protection, Inheritance and Utilization of Canal Cities in the World”, aiming to gather the support and voice of the global canal industry, demonstrating the “China Action” for the overall protection, inheritance and utilization of the Grand Canal, sharing the “Jiangsu Practices, Yangzhou Cases” in the forefront of the construction of the Grand Canal Cultural Belt, exchanging the experience of global canal cities’ development, promoting the protection of the world heritage of the canal and promoting the “global cooperation” of the integration of the canal city culture into social development. In addition, there are four sub-forums on the themes of “Curator of the World Canal City Museum”, “Ecological Construction of the World Canal Cities”, “Culture Tourism Cooperation of the World Canal Cities”, “Legislative Protection of the World Canal Cities”. There are two professional meetings of “Academic Discussion on Hydraulic Technology and Wisdom of the Grand Canal of China (Yangzhou Section)” and “Planning and Consultation of Waterfront Area of Yangzhou Grand Canal”, as well as many wonderful activities such as “National Party Newspaper Family Tradition Publicity·Family Tradition Construction Seminar of Grand Canal Cities” and “Linkage Technology” China·Yangzhou First  International Micro Film Exhibition of Canal Theme and so on.

During the conference, the  Secretariat of WCCO and municipal relevant departments reported the progress of the preparations of the main forum and four sub-forums. The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Yangzhou Newspaper Media Group introduced the preparations of the Family Tradition Construction Seminar and International Micro Film Exhibition as well as its features and highlights.

Zhu Minyang said that this year’s World Canal Cities Forum is truly an international conference organized by international organizations with the strong support from the Provincial Party Committee, Provincial Government, Yangzhou Municipal Party  Committee and Municipal Government. He demanded that the activities of the forum should focus on the content which means telling the story of Yangzhou through world language and creating           attractive business cards for economic and cultural development, pay attention to details which means making sure that the supporting work such as security measures, food hygiene and environmental image display is in place, strictly implement the “Eight Provisions” of the central government which means not doing something superficial  and abandoning ostentation and extravagance and not allowing to use various excuses to exceed the standard reception, showing the new image of Yangzhou with simple, elegant and civilized atmosphere.

According to Chen Kaihong’s requirements, all departments should implement the overall program of the forum activities conscientiously and carefully in accordance with the overall objectives of safety, excitement and success. The World Canal Cities Forum plays a very important role in the future development of Yangzhou. He said that all departments should ensure the quality, advance the preparatory work of the forum as planned and ensure the successful holding of the 2018 World Canal Cities Forum.