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Yangzhou will Carry out Separate Collection and Storage of Hazardous Waste Next Month

A few days ago, reporter learned from the municipal environmental health department that from next month, our city will carry out a comprehensive separate disposal, collection, transportation, storage of hazardous waste in order to further promote the work of domestic waste classification, establishing and improving classified delivery, classified collection, classified transportation, classified disposal operating mechanism and improving quality and efficiency of domestic waste classification.

Hazardous waste containers will be deployed next month.

The color is red and indicates service supervision telephone.

In principle, the entrance and exit of every residential area, every unit and appropriate location of public places should have one hazardous waste disposal container which sets up at a conspicuous point and is convenient for the public. The disposition of containers in old residential areas is allocated by the urban management and environmental health department under the jurisdiction.

According to the preliminary statistics of the environmental health departments of counties, cities and districts, a total of 3,217 containers should be allocated at the end of November, including 1,260 in the counties, 1,260 in the cities and 1,957 in the urban areas. The development enterprises, the units themselves and the managerial bodies are responsible for the newly-built residential areas, the units and the public places concerned and the urban environmental health departments of counties (cities and districts) should supervise and urge them to finish the disposition before the end of November. Hazardous garbage bins which have been set up in the classification kiosks in the community should be removed while placing other garbage bins and marking the words of hazardous garbage should be put into dedicated garbage containers at the community doorway .

The color of hazardous waste containers is usually red and the labels on the containers should conform to the requirements of Domestic Waste Classification and Identification and indicate the service supervision telephone. The disposition of hazardous waste containers should be numbered according to the areas so as to facilitate management.

Hazardous waste collection vehicles should install position system.

First classify storage, then carry out harmless disposal.

Hazardous garbage collection will be carried out by special closed collection vehicles. The collection vehicles will be equipped with batteries with different characteristics for classifying hazardous garbage and shall be printed with the words Hazardous garbage collection vehicles. Each collection vehicle shall be numbered according to the county (city, district) in which it is located and an electronic tag identifier and positioning system shall be installed to identify and locate the hazardous garbage. Vehicle driving recorder is also in line with vehicle technical specifications.

Hazardous waste shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of hazardous waste. Every County (city or district) shall, according to the plan at the beginning of the year, construct a temporary storage of hazardous waste to ensure that the collected hazardous waste shall be sent to the temporary storage. The construction of temporary storage must comply with the requirements of the pollution control standard for hazardous waste storage facilities. The hazardous garbage collected should be stored in different categories in the temporary storage. After a certain amount is accumulated, qualified transport units shall be entrusted to send qualified treatment enterprises for harmless disposal.

A special team shall be set up to transport and store the hazardous waste in counties and cities.

Exchange supermarket is included in integral management.

Every county and city will set up a special team to collect, transport and store hazardous waste, specializing in the work of collection, transportation and storage of hazardous waste. The staffing shall be checked and approved in accordance with the workload of collecting, transporting and storing hazardous waste separately and check and ratify the collection and transportation cycle of the whole city.

To give full play to the advantages of classification points, all communities with renewable resources exchange supermarket need to collect hazardous garbage centralized into the content of integral management and implement fixed-time collection and appointment collection system, so that there is no blind spots and dead corners and everything shall be collected.