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“Yangzhou Marathon” Has Been Awarded “International Gold Label” for 7 Consecutive Years and is Actively Bidding for World Half Marathon Championships

Recently, the Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon Organizing Committee received a congratulatory message from IAAF and was officially awarded the IAAF gold medal. This is also the 7th consecutive year that Yangzhou Marathon won the gold label of the IAAF. At the same time, Yangzhou Marathon is the only half-marathon event in China that has won the title of IAAF gold medal.

Yangzhou Jianzhen International Half Marathon is founded on the perseverance spirit of Master Jianzhen, a prominent monk of Yangzhou in the Tang Dynasty, who braved hardships and obstacles, travelled six times to Japan and disseminated Chinese culture which deeply matched the perseverance spirit of marathon. It is a major international marathon event with independent intellectual property rights in Jiangsu Province. Contestants ran all the way through the ancient canal, which is the birthplace of Yangzhous urban civilization, to Dongguan Street, Tangcheng, Songjiacheng and other old areas with splendid history and culture and finally arrived at the new city of the western district.

From the beginning of the event, Yangzhou Marathon made full use of the gift of Yangzhous history and culture and made great efforts to build modern landscape sports. With the aim of spiritual guidance, cultural competition, highlighting history and integrating into the city, the strategy of celebrity competition in the famous city was initiated. In terms of route setting, taking history as the main axis and supplemented with the surroundings of cultural characteristics, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, from ancient to modern excavates the cultural appeal of Historic Guangling was infiltrated by Tang poetry and modern Yangzhou is activated by marathon.

In 2018, there were 35,000 athletes from more than 40 countries and regions in the world, including 40 international high-level athletes from Kenya, Ethiopia, Bahrain, Morocco, Eritrea, Australia, Peru, Mongolia and other countries. In addition, there were more than 100 domestic professional marathon athletes. According to statistics of Telecom big data, the total number of audience of this year has reached 123 thousand.

Having won the IAAF gold standard honor for 7 consecutive years, how will Yangzhou Marathon further develop in the future? It is reported that in the future, in addition to continuing to focus on building a Century-old Yangzhou Marathon and further exploring cultural connotations, our city is also actively bidding for the 2022 World Half Marathon Championship. Once successful, the Yangzhou Marathon will be upgraded again.