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10 Community Shuchang Opened in Succession

During the warm spring season, the Shuchang opened. Yangzhou Cultural Museum·Luyang Shuchang, Shuangqiao Community Shuchang in Hanjiang District, Jiulong Garden Community Shuchang in Guangling District and others have opened since June 6th. Up to now, 10 Quyi Community Shuchang have opened. From Monday to Friday afternoons, they give excellent performances to listeners.

According to reports, the Community Shuchang is an important position for Quyi to enter the community, which has been continued for many years since 2012. Every Monday to Friday, going to the Community Shuchang to listen to storytelling has become a part of the lives of many old listeners. At present, there are 10 Quyi Shuchang which provide citizens with a good place to enjoy afternoon time. These Shuchang are located in the south-east and north-west of the city. The bibliographies mentioned are still dominated by traditional bibliographies, such as Yangzhou Tanci Trial of Diao Case, Double Gold Ingot, Green Peony, traditional Yangzhou Pinghua Three Kingdoms, Wusong and Evergreen. More Quyi performers cross the river to tell stories and send Yangzhou Quyi to Zhenjiang.

Attached are Shuchang and Bibliography

17:00, from March 1, Guangling Piwu Shuchang  Pinghua, Tanci

17:30, from March 1, Hanjiang Baopishui Shuchang   Pinghua, Tanci

 14:00, from March 4, Guangling Jingzhong Temple Community Shuchang    Zhoulin, Trial of Diao Cas

14:00, from March 4, Jiangdu Yu King Palace Community Shuchang     Cheng Dingxin, Double Gold Ingot

14:00, from March 4, Zhenjiang Runzhou Runxin Shuchang   Zhou Leilei, Green Peony

13:30, from March 4, Hanjiang Luyang Community Shuchang   Tanmin, Bai Yu Tang

14:00, from March 4, Development Zone Binjiang Garden Community Shuchang   Zhang Honglei, Wusong

14:00, from March 6, Yangzhou Cultural Museum·Luyang Shuchang   Yinjian, Three Kingdoms

14:00, from March 6, Hanjiang Shuangqiao Community Shuchang   Chenzhong, Red Wall Misfortune

14:00, from March 6, Guangling Jiulong Garden Community Shuchang   Yuhai, Evergreen


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