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Wenfeng City Plaza

1.Project name: Wenfeng City Plaza

2.Project classification: Service industry

5.Main building contents: The project is built to be a commercial complex which takes Darunfa chain supermarket as the core and integrates catering & entertainment, digital cinema and SOHO business office. It will be developed as a demonstration site of building economy and headquarters economy. In order to meet the parking demand of modern commerce, Wenfeng City Plaza is designed to own a two-layer underground parking including 670 parking spaces for vehicles and 2910 parking spaces for non-motor vehicles.

6.Estimated total investment and the expected economical benefits:

Total investment: about 1 billion RMB

Construction period: 2-3 years

Expected period of return on investment: 5 years

7.Initial suggestion about the modes of cooperation and project progress:

According to the controlled details of the project, the project partner has authorized Shanghai Ruibo Designing Institute to design two sets of planning & design programs. The exhibition room of the project has been finished. It is to ensure that the podium building can be completed at the end of 2015 and Darunfa supermarket can start trial operation in June 2016.

  • Bureau of Commerce
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