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Special Vehicle Production Capacity Enhancement Project

I. Name of the Project: Special Vehicle Production Capacity Enhancement Project

II. Classification of the Project: Machinery equipment

III. Host: Yangzhou Jinwei Mechanics Co., Ltd.

IV. Introduction of the Host: The company has 8,000m2 of plate-welding line, 2,000m2 of coating line and 4,000m2 of assembly line. At present, a comprehensive R&D, manufacturing and processing capacity with the development and manufacture of garbage compression equipment and road-use snow cleaning equipment as the dominant business, process and manufacturing of the parts for heavy-duty freight car, engineering vehicles and special vehicles as the support have taken shape. 

V. Main Contents: The project mainly involves workshop expansion and purchasing a number of advanced imported equipment or cooperate with some large engineering machinery company. 

VI. Estimated Total Investment and Economic Benefits:

Total investment: RMB150 million yuan.

Construction period: 1 year.

Estimated investment recovery period: 3 years.

VII. Preliminary Cooperation Suggestion and Project Schedule: Joint venture, cooperation 

VIII. Contact information: Guoliang Xie

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