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R&D and Inudstralization of the Key Technologies of Shock Filter and New Power Line Telecommunication Module 

I. Name of the Project: R&D and Inudstralization of the Key Technologies of Shock Filter and New Power Line Telecommunication Module 

II. Classification of the Project: Internet of Things and Cloud Computing

III. Host: Jiangsu Jiangjia Electronics Co., Ltd.

IV. Introduction of the Host: As a national high-tech enterprise that is devoted to producing piezoceramics and microwave dielectric ceramics, Jiangsu Jiangjia Electronics Co., Ltd. is among the top one hundred enterprises in the electronic components field of China and the No.1 in the electronic ceramics industry. We have established a long term industry-university-research cooperative relationship with Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southeast University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology and other scientific and technological research institutes. Moreover, we have established New Type Microwave Dielectric Ceramics Frequency Device Engineering Technology Center of Jiangsu Province and employ Mr. Xianlin Dong, a research fellow from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics as the director of the R&D center and we have won subsidy of double pioneer talent projects of the province. 

V. Main Contents: To make use of the present 5,000m2 of workshop for renovation and then as the production and R&D places of the project, purchase 85 sets of production and inspection equipment and instruments, build a filter production line and 1 module production line and form an annual production capacity of 20 million shock filters and 2 million modules. 

VI. Estimated Total Investment and Economic Benefits: Total sales revenue: RMB140 million yuan and the profit and tax: RMB26 million yuan.

Total investment: RMB54.6 million yuan.

Construction period: 3 years.

Estimated investment recovery period: 3 years.

VII. Preliminary Cooperation Suggestion and Project Schedule:

VIII. Contact information: Changyuan Du

Address: Xiancheng Industrial Park, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City

Zip code:225200 

Tel: 18952507709

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  • Add: No.18 Wenchang Road Of YangzhouCity International Trade Building
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