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Daming Temple

daming temple: yangzhou is misty in march. the daming temple, located in the middle of scenery spot, slender west lake in shugang in the northwest of urban area, is still quite in the busy visitors. climb on the qiling tower to overlook the grandness of buddha mountain, beauty of the slender west lake and the vicissitudes of relics of tangcheng. the panoramic view of grand landscape of yangzhou in march is seen in a glance.



national key cultural relic protection unit; one of the key temples opened to the outside of chinese buddhism.

address: no. 8, east pingshantang road, yangzhou city, jiangsu province

ticket: boom season rmb 45; dull season rmb 30

time: boom season 8:00——17:30; dull season 8:00——16:45

traffic: no. 5, 25, 61 and 62 buses and special bus for tourism of yangzhen

telephone: 0514-87308999

website: http://www.damingsi.com

  • Bureau of Commerce
  • add: no.18 wenchang road of yangzhoucity international trade building
    tel: 0514-87859332