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Slender West Lake

slender west lake, like an ink painting unrolled in right order, wanders on the territory of the city. it is the best time to tour the slender west lake in march of lunar calendar. the boat travels in the water and visitors travels in the picture. the drizzle is like silk. the smoke and the water combine to produce a kind of mist. the shine of the wave is very clear like the slender waist of a beauty, delicate and attractive. it is suitable to travel on water when appreciating the slender west lake. the boat is floating with the wave and the visitor can appreciate the scenery carefully, the smoke and wave, red balustrade and small bridge, shadow and scent. the dreamy and brocade-like green and blossom extends to the water of the lake, creating a lifelike picture with the sound of oaring.

 national key scenic spot

address:  no. 28, dahongqiao road, yangzhou city, jiangsu province, china

ticket: boom season  rmb 90, dull season  rmb 60

time: 8:30——17:00

traffic: no. 4, 5, 6, 17, 61 buses

telephone: 0514-87357803  0514-87370091

website: http://www.shouxihu.com