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Ge Garden

ge garden: the bamboo in the garden is very green. the strong branches extend the vicissitudes of 190 years and form the wandering and green scenery for you. “the mountain is very quiet in spring, and is very green in summer, and is very clear in autumn and is very dim and sleepy in winder”. the four seasons are experienced in the way. we can hardly sigh with the short life and see the “land of idyllic beauty” when lifting our head. out of the wall made of blue brick and red tile is a different world.





 national key cultural relic protection unit; one of four major chinese gardens.

address: no. 10, east yanbu road, yangzhou city, jiangsu province

ticket: boom season rmb 40; dull season rmb 30

time: boom season 7:15——18:00; dull season7:15——17:30

traffic: no. 61, 8, and 30 buses

telephone: 0514-87935285

website: http://www.gy-garden.net

  • Bureau of Commerce
  • add: no.18 wenchang road of yangzhoucity international trade building
    tel: 0514-87859332