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He Garden

he garden: when you visit the he garden, you need to visit the both the upstairs and downstairs with a zigzag route at the low and high elevation. the 1500-meter double-way corridor is hailed as the rudiment of overpass. the window with flowers as decoration is foiled by the scenery. with the foil of the false mountain, the water and the pond complements with each other. a small town takes the sky light, cloud, bird’s chips, and flower fragrance in its arms. the romantic time flows out during the finger on the wooden corridor.


 national key cultural relic protection unit; first batch of national key parks.

address: no.66, xuningmen street, yangzhou city, jiangsu province

ticket: boom season rmb 40; dull season rmb 30

time: 7:30——17:15

traffic:  no. 19, 61,209 buses

telephone: 0514-87900345 0514-87222353

website: http://www.he-garden.net

  • Bureau of Commerce
  • add: no.18 wenchang road of yangzhoucity international trade building
    tel: 0514-87859332