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Han Ling Yuan

han ling yuan: yangzhou han ling yuan is also called the museum of tomb of guangling king of han dynasty and is one of the important tourist attractions of slender west lake shugang scenic spot. it is also one bright pearl in the scenic spot. the terrain inside the garden raises and falls. the building is ancient and great. the tree is green and the grass is flourishing. it is the “underground palace” with the largest scale, complicated structure and delicate fabrication.


address :no. 98, east pingshantang road, yangzhou city, jiangsu province.

ticket: rmb 30

time: spring and summer: 8:00——17:00; winter: 8:30——16:30

traffic: no. 5 and 25 buses

telephone: 0514-87625587-15

website: http://www.yzhmm.com

  • Bureau of Commerce
  • add: no.18 wenchang road of yangzhoucity international trade building
    tel: 0514-87859332