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In 2014, the medical reform was carried out in the city and the hospital and medicine comprehensive price reform was implemented simultaneously in all the public hospitals in the county. The city's urban basic medical insurance was increased by 20,000 last year, basic medical insurance rate reaching 98%. The new rural cooperative participation rate remained stable at 97%, hospital compensation rate reaching 75% according to the policy. Fully implement the serious illness insurance system for urban residents and promote the city's social insurance "all-in-one card".

Improve the serious illness insurance system and medical assistance mechanism and deepen the reform of medical insurance payment. The city’s New Cooperative Medical Scheme (NCMS) achieved "the five reunifications". Further improve the safe, effective, convenient and inexpensive public health and basic medical service system.

Start the reform on municipal public hospitals. Accelerate the classification treatment system. Promote quality medical resources and primary health care units matching approach and gradually ease the situation of overcrowding in big hospitals. Start the implementation of the regional health centers in rural areas.


                                           - Excerpt from "Yangzhou Municipal People's Government Work Report" (on the Fourth Session of the Seventh People's Congress of Yangzhou, January 9, 2015)

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