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Cultivation and Deep Processing of Edible Fungus

i. name of the project: cultivation and deep processing of edible fungus

ii. classification of the project: agriculture

iii. host: people’s government of liuji town, yizheng city

iv. introduction of the host:

now, the industrial has taken preliminary shape in liuji town. at present, in the whole town, there are 4 leading edible fungus enterprises that mainly produce flammulina velutipes, agaricus bisporus, shiitake and pleurotus geesteranus. the planning area of the park, in the recent stage, takes up an area of 1,000mu.

v. main contents:

to build edible fungus production & processing enterprises, and extend the industrial chain of edible fungus.

vi. estimated total investment and economic benefits:

total investment: usd20 million.

construction period: 2 years.

investment recovery period: 3-5 years.

vii. preliminary cooperation suggestion: sole proprietorship, joint venture or cooperation.

viii. contact information:

contact: deming gao   

address: people’s government of liuji town, yizheng city

zip code:211407        tel: 13813123778

fax: 0514-83831124     e-mail:  ljz80853015@163.com