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Development and Utilization of Summer and Autumn Tea

i.name of the project: development and utilization of summer and autumn tea

ii. classification of the project: agriculture

iii. host: people’s government of yuetang town, yizheng city

iv. introduction of the host:

at present, yuetang town is home to 15,000mu of tea park and the luyangchun brand tea is entitled as “one of the best 100 regional public brands”. during the “12th five-year plan” period, it is proposed that over 1000mu of tea industrial demonstration park will be built for introducing comprehensive tea development and deep processing project, improve the added value of the “luyangchun” brand tea of yizheng and establish a provincial-level agricultural product processing area of luyangchun tea.

v. main contents:

to build workshop with production facilities and equipment, and the annual production capacity is 100ton of tea polyphenol.

vi. estimated total investment and economic benefits:

total investment: usd20 million.

construction period: 2 years.

investment recovery period: 3-5 years.

vii. preliminary cooperation suggestion:

sole proprietorship, joint venture or cooperation.

viii. contact information:

contact: erjing feng   

address: people’s government of yuetang town, yizheng city

zip code:211413          tel: 15951440806

fax: 83810038         e-mail: xjnfzxyht@163.com