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The project of Ecological Agriculture

1.classification: agriculture

2、project to be implemented by:

yangzhou bio-diverse and sci-tech city

3、introduction to the implementing organization:

yangzhou bio-diverse and sci-tech city is located in the geographic center of yangzhou, east of jiangdu district, west of guangling district. there are two under the jurisdiction of the towns which are hangji and tai'an. the area has about 81 square kilometers, and the population of 99000. area traffic is convenient and the ecological resource is rich. in the construction of the yangzhou high-speed rail station is located in the district of central area. shanghai-shanxi highway, qidong-yangzhou highway, etc., passing through the area. it is about 25 minutes drive to yangzhou-taizhou airport, about 2 hours drive to the nanjing lukou international airport. the region is positioned to the yangzhou city as ecology center, regional transportation center, business center and science and technology innovation center.

4、project summary:

plan to build modern agriculture demonstration area, including high-quality rice, economic fruit trees, flowers, nursery stock, and base installation for irrigation.

5、estimated investment:  thirty  million usd

construction period:  2 years

payback period: 10 years

6、intent of cooperation:

wholly-owned, joint venture or cooperation

this area is the geographic center of yangzhou, with convenient transportation, nice public facilities, rich ecological resources and abundant water resources, which is very suitable for the development of ecological agriculture projects.

7、contact: bill xia

address: no.88 wanfu new rd of yangzhou city, prc.

postcode: 225006

telephone: 0086-514-82931058 

fax: 0086-514-82931058    email:332136179@qq.com