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Organic Rice Flour Processing Project

1, project name: organic rice flour processing project

2, the project classification: trade circulation industry

3, the project undertaker: jiangsu baoliang holding group co., ltd.

4, brief introduction to the project undertaker: the company is a provincial level leading agricultural industrialization enterprise providing a one-stop service system, including grain plantation, procurement & sales, transportation, warehousing, testing, gathering and distribution.  

5, the main contents of construction project:baoying is the only national organic food demonstration county where 20 thousand mu of organic rice is planted throughout the year. an organic rice flour processing line is planned to be built, with the annual production capacity amounts to 5,000tons.

6. projects a total investment of rmb 15 million

the project construction period of 1 years

expected investment return period of 3 years

7, preliminary proposals for cooperation and project schedule

mode of cooperation: sole proprietorship, joint venture or cooperation.

8, contact: 

address: no.88 baoying road , baoying

zip code: 225800       

tel: 0514—88985161

fax: 0514—88292088    

e-mail: bynyzs@163.com