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Emerging industry

new energy sources industry

the new energy resources industry of yangzhou in recent years forms the perfect industry system with emphasis on solar photovoltaics and with supplement of utilization of solar energy, wind equipment and new energy resource automobile. the photovoltaic industry has formed the complete industry chain featuring “polycrystalline silicon--monocrystalline silicon--silicon wafer--solar battery and component--photovoltaic lighting (power generation). the photovoltaic products have complete varieties. the solar battery covers the many fields from crystalline silicon battery and compound film batteries and gallium arsenide battery. the recycle of photovoltaic slurry, photovoltaic glass, photovoltaic storage battery and inverter and relevant supporting industry get perfect gradually. the industrial agglomeration and innovative advantage basically formed. it is the national level industrial base for new green energy resources and the base of photoelectric high technology featured industry of jiangsu province. yangzhou won the title of “2010 chinese new energy resources industrial city with the most investment value” on the 2010 chinese new energy resources industrial economic development annual meeting. the city now has more than 60 scale enterprises including a batch of leading enterprises in the industry such as jaso solar energy, tianwei new energy resources, rongde solar energy, jiangsu shunda group. jaso solar energy (yangzhou) has become the biggest enterprise in the world that manufactures the single solar energy battery and will form the 2gwp production capacity at the end of 2011. tianwei new energy is building the national largest production base of solar photovoltaics component and the largest production base of silicon-based film solar battery in the world with most advanced technology with the total investment totaling to 3 billion yuan. huaichai (yaxing) new energy passenger car is quickening the construction. the state-level key laboratory for inspection of optoelectronics product (yangzhou optoelectronics product inspection center) passed the on-site review of the expert organized by iec (international electrotechnical commission) and become the first photovoltaic inspection state laboratory recognized by cbtl (international electronic product inspection certificate cross recognition system laboratory).



in addition, certain foundation and advantage in the fields of solar energy utilization, wind equipment and new energy resource automobile are also formed. the solar water heater enterprises with huayang solar energy, sunleada, xinxing and wuting have the manufacturing capacity from the common solar water heater to balcony wall-mounted solar water heater, air energy water heater and all series of product. the annual output exceeds 1 million sets. yaxing passenger car company has obtained the qualification for manufacturing new energy resources passenger cars and become one of enterprises at home that has the qualification to manufacture new energy resources passenger cars. the energy efficient and environmentally-friendly pure power-driven sedan of kaiersiman company was exhibited during the copenhagen united nations climate conference and obtained the wide good reputation of european customers. depending on the industrial advantage of new energy resources automobile industry, the city is applying the demonstration city of new energy resources automobile “thousand vehicles in 10 cities” of the country.



new light source industry

yangzhou is the only base for national semiconductor light industrialization of jiangsu province and the base of photoelectric high technology featured industry of jiangsu province, and the pilot city of the first batch for applicator of semi-conductor illumination “10,000 lights in ten cities”. the output value of led industry accounted for about one ninth of the country in 2010.   the new light source industry is represented by semi-conductor. the complete industrial chain of “backing material--epitaxial wafer---package—application is formed. the industrial agglomeration area with different feature is formed with the yangzhou national economic and technological development zone as core. more than 50 advantage and key enterprises including canyang photoelectric, longyao photoelectric, qianzhao photoelectric, zhongke semiconductor, dehao ruida, yinyu photoelectric, huaxia photoelectric, yuli electronics, dihao electronics, sft photoelectric, jianteng liquid crystal display are gathered. there are more than 30 enterprises and research institutes, 50 mocvd equipments (the total amount of mocvd equipments reaches over 200 in recent two years). canyang photoelectric is the largest manufacturing enterprise for epitaxial wafer and chip in the country. jiangsu sft photonics company, which is the local enterprise, has become the leading enterprise in lighting industry in china and has the largest led industrial base and is selected into the “bluebook of lighting industry” of the state council. perfect environment for innovation and development and perfect and considerate supporting service attracts a batch of famous enterprises that manufacturing led industry supporting equipments such as mocvd including japan nissin ion machinery co., ltd to format our city.  yangzhou promotes the municipal illumination led demonstration application energetically in recent years and obtains the high evaluation of national semiconductor lighting industry alliance. the local standard for led road lamp of jiangsu province is formulated by relevant department of yangzhou. yangzhou will be made into the largest manufacturing base for led epitaxial wafer in the country regarding the “chinese photoelectric city” during the “twelfth five-year plan” and make the led industry into the pillar industry with output value reaching 100 billion yuan.


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