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Yangzhou Overview

general picture

geographical location: yangzhou is located in the middle of jiangsu province and a place where the yangtze river and the beijing-hangzhou grand canal converge. it is within “the yangtze delta region”, the most dynamic economic circle in china, and is an important port city prosperous with industries and trade in the yangtze delta region.

administrative structure: yangzhou currently has three districts (guangling, jiangdu and hanjiang) and two country-level sub-cities (gaoyou and yizheng) and one country (baoying) under its jurisdiction, covering a total area of 6634km2 with a population of 4.6 million. the city proper covers a total area of 1100km2 and has a permanent population of 1.38 million.

topography and climate: being in the subtropical humid climate, yangzhou has four distinct seasons with mild air temperatures. the topography is characterized with the alluvial plain of the yangtze delta, which is flat and smooth with over 90% being plain. within the area, there is a dense network of rivers and lakes and a beach line of 80km alone the yangtze river. the section of the river is broad and deep; and the beach line runs steady. yangzhou boasts rich resources, and is abundant in the production of foods, cotton, edible oil and aquatic products. it also boasts mineral resources such as oil, natural gas, underground hot spring and ores.


economic capacity

yangzhou is a broad marketplace, and has been the gate to the north jiangsu. it is an important node city in the yangtze delta region with direct influence over north jiangsu, south shandong and east anhui. with yangzhou as the center, there is a population of 40 million within an area of 100km, and a population of 80 million within an area of 200km. in 2010, yangzhou’s gdp reached 220.799 billion yuan rmb, 13.4% higher than the previous year with the gdp per capita exceeding usd7000; the financial revenue reached 40.088 billion yuan rmb, and the general budget revenue 16.778 billion yuan rmb, up 29.3% and 31% respectively; the disposable personal income of the urban residents and that of the farmers are 21766 yuan rmb and 9462 yuan rmb respectively. in the “blue print of competitiveness of chinese cities 2010” issued by china’s academy of social science, yangazhou takes the 50th place among the 294 cities in the country.

history and culture

with a long history and rich cultural background, yangzhou is listed among the first cities of long history and rich cultural heritages. since 486bc when the king of the state wu ordered the construction of hangou river and hancheng city, yangzhou, as a city, as experienced a history of almost 2500 years. in the long process, yangzhou has experienced splendid prosperity in the east and west han dynasties, the sui dynasty and the tang dynasty and during the reign of the emperors kangxi and qianlong in the qing dynasty, leaving the footprints of a large number of well-known poets and scholars such as libai, du mu, bai juyi, ou yangxiu, su shi, zhen banqiao and zhu ziqing and boasting over 340 historic sites and relics, which are under protection. yangzhou are unique and colorful in its cultural characteristics, boasting yangzhou school of learning, the eight eccentrics, yangzhou opera, yangzhou art crafts, the potted scenery of yangzhou style, the flat engraving typography, huaiyang cuisine, etc. yangzhou opera and story telling, the singing in yangzhou style, the paper cutting, the lacquer wares, the jade wares and the flat engraving typography have been listed as the first intangible cultural heritages. the slender west lake park and yangzhou’s ancient city area have been listed as candidates of china’s world cultural heritages.

agricultural resources

yangzhou has been known as “the place of rice and fishes”, abundant with high quality foods, cotton, edible oils and various aquatic products. it has china’s important test base for the growth of commodity foods and high-efficiency agriculture. under the jurisdiction of the city, jiangdu and baoying are well known as “the place of flowers and trees” and the “place of lotus roots” respectively. yangzhou has developed its specialty industries such as the high-quality rice, flowers and seedlings, trees and fruits, specialty domesticated birds, ecological tourism & agriculture, etc. yangzhou has also been approved by the state as “the trial zone for cross-strait agriculture cooperation”; baoying, a county under the jurisdiction of the city has set up the organic foods inspection center of jiangsu province, which has been approved by the national quality inspection administration as the national organic foods inspection center on nov. 11th, 2009.

tourism, trade and commerce

yangzhou has been approved as one of the first excellent tourist cities in china and appraised as one of the “top 10 leisure cities in china” for two consecutive years. yangzhou is rich in tourist resources, boasting the uniquely beautiful sceneries of rivers and a number of gardens and buildings as well as the well-preserved ancient city area of the ming and the qing dynasties. yangzhou boasts the shugang-slender west lake scenic area, the only national-level cultural & tourism model area in the country, and geyuan garden, one of the four most famous gardens in the country, the daming temple and the gaomin temple, each having a history of over one thousand years, as well as the heyuan garden, the most famous garden in the late qing dynasty. yangzhou is also a city of museums, having as many as 10 museum including yangzhou museum, china’s museum for flat engraving typography, china yangzhou buddhist culture museum, the museum for potted sceneries of yangzhou style, the museum for huaiyang cuisine, the museum for industries, etc. yangzhou has been a city of trade, commerce and leisure since ancient times. in the traditional service industry, the representative businesses such as “the three knives” (the kitchen knife, the pedicure knife and the barber’s knife), fuchun restaurant, gonghechun restaurant and sanhe-simei salted pickles are known all over the country. yangzhou is the place of huaiyang cuisine. in wenchang shipping area of the city, there are a number of large-sized shopping centers such as the golden eagle, wancheerful, the times square, etc.; and the living square of living city, covering an area of 190,000m2, is the best and the biggest in the middle and north of jiangsu province. yangzhou has been honored as “the best shopping city” by forbes for many consecutive years.

living environment

yangzhou has been appraised as “national hygienic city”, “national model city for environment protection”, “national garden city” and “national advanced city for the progress of science & technology”, and has won the “china habitat environment prize” and “the un habitat scroll of honor award”. with the outlook of the city changing quickly, yangzhou has developed its style of city outlook characterized with the city encircled with green willows and a perfect integration between the city and gardens. yangzhou is developed in education, and has popularized the 9-year compulsory education. the enrollment rate for senior high schools of the city has reacted 99.8%, and that of the colleges and universities 90%. yangzhou university is the only key comprehensive university of the provincial level in the middle of jiangsu. yangzhou high school, with a history of over a hundred years, is well known all over the country. yangzhou boasts nice public security, and has been appraised as an advanced city for its excellent public security control. yangzhou boasts well-developed medical facilities, having 5 hospitals of the highest class in the country.



◎highways: yangzhou boasts expressways for the link between its counties and for the city ring road, the first of its kind in jiangsu province. it is the place where the two main arteries—the jinghu expressway and hushan expressway converge. the runyang highway bridge across the yangtze river directly links yangzhou with the south jiangsu. a network of “a city ring road and seven main roads in the radial direction” is taking shape in the city as a whole. it’s only 1-hour car drive from the city to nanjing by expressway, 2 hours to shanghai and 8 hours to beijing. so far, construction of the jianghai expressway is completed and the construction of hushan expressway section 6 is underway and has been facilitated, and will be completed by 2012. the project for the south extension of jinhu expressway is going on and has been facilitated.

◎railway: yangzhou boasts a number of key railway lines and serves as the original station with trains to beijing, guangzhou, xi’an, shanghai, chongqing, chengdu, wuhan, qingdao, etc. and further connected with almost everywhere in the country, thus enjoying highly efficient cargo and passenger transportation. the project for the reconstruction of electrical system of the multiple tracks of ninqi railway line is now underway and has been facilitated, and will be completed by 2012. the initial work for liian-huai-yang-zhen railway line and wufengshan highway & railway bridge across the yangtze river is now going on in full swing; and the scheme for the inter-city railway traffic between nanjing, zhenjiang and yangzhou is now under research.

◎aviation: it is only 1-hour car drive from yangzhou to nanjing lukou international airport, and more 2-hour car drive to shanghai pudong international airport. at lukou airport, flights to tokyo, osaka, singapore, chicago, amsterdam, macao, taipei, south korea have become available for cargo transportation. in yangzhou, the suzhong jiangdu airport has had the founding ceremony on mar. 18th, 2010, and construction will be completed by 2011.

  1. water transportation: the two “golden waterways”—the yangtze river and the beijing-hangzhou grand canal converge at yangzhou. along the river, there are 18 docks for ships in the tonnage over ten thousand. by far, yangzhou has in place a port system consisting of liuwei port area, jiangdu port areas and yizheng port area, each characterized with “one port with three port areas”. as a national class-1 port open to the outside world, yangzhou port has successfully set up cooperation relation with cosco, making the city become integrated into the world ocean transportation system.




water and power supply

yangzhou has fully developed power supply facilities in place. with the total installed capacity of power generation having reached 3813600kw, yangzhou boasts abundant power supply and has double loops for the uninterrupted power supply. in the city, the daily water supply capacity is 605,000tons with the qualification rate of the water supply reaching 100%.


gas and heat supply

in yangzhou, the natural gas of high quality has become available. it has two heat/electric power supply centers to ensure uninterrupted supply of steam.


logistics and customs

to reduce the logistics costs for manufacturing businesses, the city has planned for the construction of the logistics park of yangzhou port, logistics concentration for united transportation of highways, railways and waterways, guangling trade & commerce logistics park and yangzhou yangtze petrochemical logistics center. a number of well-known logistics companies have already based their businesses in the parks. bonded export processing zone, yangzhou logistics business was in august 2009 entered the operational phase.with full series of inspection and quarantine facilities for the customs, yangzhou port enjoys excellent environment for customs clearance, and has now adopted the new mode of customs operation characterized with “customs declaration at the local area and release of cargo at any other port”.


sewage treatment

in yangzhou, the daily capacity of sewage treatment has reached 330,000tons per day. sewage treatment plants have been built at jiangdu, yizheng and gaoyou.



yangzhou boasts program-controlled telephone network, mobile communication network, computer multimedia, data communication network and optical fiber access network; and wide band has become available for almost every household. the wireless internet has covered the entire city area.

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